An die Musik

Our Mission

The broadening of knowledge and love of Art Song

Our Vision

To make Art Song of all types more well-known, more understood and, therefore, more loved by both musicians and audiences alike.

To promote the hightest quality Art Song Concerts using top quality professionals.

To showcase up-and-coming young musicians and singers.

To provide a platform for young singers on the verge of a professional career.

The gestation of An die Musik has taken me a number of years. I have always felt strongly about the Art Song genre and the promotion of it, but struggled with a name. I've considered many names, yet each time I thought I had the right one, something would nag at me and I would eventually discard it. I wanted something different but couldn't settle on one name.

"An die Musik" came to me when I was busy, and I immedidately knew it was right. I was relieved at last. This time I could move forward.

Why did this choice of name have such an impact on me? Those of us who know Lieder will know or have heard this famous Schubert song. The name is so identified and synonymous with Schubert, one of the most important, sublime composers of the Lied.

The poem is by Franz von Schober about the uplifting power of music:

You beloved art, how often in dark hours,
when life's wild torment enmeshed me.
have you kindled my heart to a warming love
and transported me to a better world.

Often a sigh, escaping from your harp,
a sweet, heavenly chord from you,
has opened up a heaven of happier times to me.
Beloved art, for this I thank you.

Lastly, the translation "To Music" could not only be applied to Art Song but to Music in general. Finally I had a name that meant Art Song but could equally be applied to all Music. This now gave me the choice and scope I was looking for in a name for this organisation.

Louise Scott, Founder & Artistic Director

Our patrons

Lauris Elms

Dr. Graham Johnson