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I cannot think of one major composer who has not written works for voice and piano. The amount and variation of repertoire is enormous.

Art Song, in any language, stands alone from absolute music, from Opera and other vocal forms.Because its basis is on shorter literature and poetry, the songs are usually relatively short.

All Art Song provides a glimpse — an experience in a microcosm. Unlike Opera, which is full of glitz and glamour and leaves very little to the imagination, Art Song uses the skill, imagination and abilities of the performers.

Like many people, I have endured interminably boring performances, usually not the fault of the composer. I've also sat through performances that have transported me, performed by artists who communicate to the audience. Art Songs are as cogent, dramatic, light-hearted, lyrical, poignant and emotionally moving as any opera or piece of music.

An die Musik concerts will be different from an ordinary recital. I want you fulfilled and to find these performances a worthwhile experience. I hope An die Musik provides you with good surprises and the unexpected.

Louise Scott, Founder & Artistic Director

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